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Community Ambulance Company in Sayville reminds us of winter safety
sayville.com - 1/13/2011
Jamie Atkinson

Community Ambulance Company would like to remind everyone of the following due to the inclement weather:

  • Please keep hands away from the blades of running snow blowers. Remember to always shut off the snow blower prior to clearing a jam. This will prevent hand injuries!
  • Use caution while shoveling snow. While shoveling, bend your knees prior to lifting heavy amounts of snow. This will prevent back injuries. Make sure to take breaks, wear several layers of clothing for warmth and drink plenty of fluids. If you feel chest pains, ensure to contact 911. The number one sign of a cardiac emergency is denial.
  • Ensure your house number is visible and clear.
  • Ensure all home outside walk ways are shoveled to allow easy access in the need of an ambulance.
  • Ensure if you call 911 you place your outside lights on, secure animals and give detailed information to the emergency phone operator of the emergency situation.

Community Ambulance Company is a sole volunteer Ambulance EMS agency covering the towns of Bayport, Bohemia, Oakdale, Sayville and West Sayville, New York. Community Ambulance Company is not affiliated with any Fire Department. To volunteer call 631-567-2586.



Jamie Ryan Atkinson
Chief of Department
Community Ambulance Co.
P.O. Box 450
Sayville, NY 11782

911 EMS agency for Bayport, Bohemia, Oakdale, Sayville, and West Sayville, New York.

Office: 631-567-2586
Fax: 631-567-6593
Cell: 631-926-9071



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