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Phountain Health Store in Sayville
sayville.com - 7/24/2012
Olivia Coley-Bishop

You may have seen the new sign on Main Street: Phountain™ - Life Extension Health Club & Alkaline Water Store. It is the third location of the Phountain health store chain – there are two others in West and East Islip, as well as one opening in Massapequa soon. The new store’s sign also delineates its services, reading: Hot Yoga, Sauna, Detox, Colonic, Massage. An intriguing store advertisement, to say the least.

I walked in with lots of questions – but had them all answered without even having to ask. A presentation on alkaline water and the stores services had just begun. A knowledgeable store employee – with passion for and a previous major in holistic medicine – taught two customers and me all about how Phountain can help improve people’s health and possibly extend life expectancy. He explained how alkaline water has the highest possible pH, 10. The goal of drinking alkaline water regularly is to neutralize the excessive acidity in the body and raise its pH, which can cause unhealthiness, fatigue and obesity, according to Phountain. While I was originally skeptical of this “super water” – which costs $2.50 per gallon ($70 a month if you drink the Phountain recommended amount of 3-4 liters a day), compared to $.0002 a gallon if you filter your own water at home – it does seem to have a loyal following. Three people refilled about a dozen gallons of alkaline water total in the hour or so I was there. Approximately 300,000 gallons of alkaline water have been sold at the Phountain location in West Islip. There are testimonials of people claiming their health problems have diminished or even disappeared after switching to alkaline water. However, as the employee clearly stated in his presentation, the water is not a cure-all. The real health benefits come from coupling the alkaline water and a healthy, vitamin-based diet – which is unquestionably great for your health. Free samples of Green Phactor were given out at the presentation – a powder with four servings of vegetables such as kale and spinach. Although the green color put off some customers, after tasting it they reported it had a touch of sweetness and was definitely something they could get used to. For people who really cannot swallow a salad, this powder could help them get their necessary nutrients with less protest.

Besides their alkaline water, Phountain also offers a wide variety of health-related items and services – they have remedies for just about everything from heart disease to hair loss. The majority of their services focus on removing toxins from the body - quite literally in regard to the unconventional “hydro colon therapy” Phountain offers. And although their vibration therapy boasts of vibrating you a pound lighter in ten minutes, they readily admit the weight loss results are not permanent. The same is true for their infrared body wrap suite – while we all wish we could sit in the sauna and melt fat away, the main benefit of this treatment is body detox, not lasting weight loss. Regardless, Phountain is definitely an interesting experience, especially if you are interested in alternative or holistic medicine and nutrition.

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