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Promoting Peace Through Peace Poles and Programs
sayville.com - 10/19/2011
Linda Mittiga, Sayville Schools Public Relations

Peace rules in Sayville Schools!

Sayville residents have noticed poles with the words: May Peace Prevail on Earth, proclaimed on all sides in multiple languages, that have been planted at the center of school gardens at each of the five school buildings within the district.

These “Peace Poles” which have become an international symbol of peace and hope are the result of the Peace Coalition coordinators in Suffolk County, Diane Atkinson, Carol Kolar, and other members who have been helping to spread the messages of peace in our local community.

What better place to leave a peaceful reminder for our youth, who are the future leaders of the world?

Last year, Sayville School District joined the Peace Pole project and has since installed Peace Poles at each school building. As “peace” is often the subject of classroom lessons from anti-bullying to social studies or the reason to celebrate International Day of Peace, Pinwheels for Whirled Peace, the Shanti Fund commemoration of Gandhi’s philosophy, as well as Martin Luther King Day, these symbols of peace will grow in significance for our students.

  • In the spring, Lincoln Avenue held its installation ceremony with guests from the Suffolk Chapter of the Peace Pole project. Groups of Lincoln Avenue students gathered in the courtyard with flags of different countries and formed a circle around the newly installed Peace Pole, while the older students shared messages of peace.

    • In addition, the Lincoln Avenue Physical Education department promoted peace and nonviolence through community action and physical well-being for Peace on Our Planet day. Teaming up with the Shanti Fund, a Long Island charitable organization that professes the ideals and philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi, the students at Lincoln Avenue participated in the canned food drive. The students brought in their food donations that would benefit the Sayville Food Pantry to their Physical Education periods. To symbolize peace in their hearts, minds, and on our planet, the students and staff designated a special day on which everyone wore white.

  • For their Peace Celebration, Cherry Avenue participated in the Pinwheels for Peace project and formed peace signs on the front lawn of the school.

  • This fall, Sunrise Drive students wore white shirts and assembled in their courtyard where they celebrated Peace on Our Planet and dedicated the Peace Pole. The students shared the ideas on how to achieve peace, set goals for good behavior and nonviolence in their school, and took a pledge of peace.

  • Both the Middle School and High School art departments engaged the students and participated in the Pinwheels Project planting pinwheels for peace around their peace poles for International Day of Peace.

Building awareness in our children is one of the best ways to have peace guide our planet into the future.

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