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Sayville's Girls' Varsity Soccer Team dominates Amityville, 7-0
sayville.com - 9/28/2011
Sarah Elsesser

On Thursday, September 22nd, Sayvilleís girlsí varsity soccer team shut out Amityville. The opposing team seemed to be no match for the Flashes who dominated their opponent with the final score of 7-0. Sayville acted as team from start to finish, passing, communicating and supporting each other, which help to lead them to victory.

The first half was filled with intense offense by Sayville. All the girls were doing their best to keep the ball away from their goal, and did a great job doing it. You could tell that Sayville was giving it their all, because they werenít afraid to headbutt or get a little aggressive. The girls would box out their opponents and then look for an open team member or bring the ball up field themselves. The entire team had nice technique and footwork, which definitely helped when one or two defendants were pursuing the ball.
Sayville would end up scoring four goals in the first part of the game. Junior Maddy Hoon, would start by scoring the first goal, then a second one by another teammate. Amanda Famularo would also score in the half.

On defense, Megan Mililani and Jackie Christensen were doing an unbelievable job. On numerous occasions, Christensen would beat out her opponent for the ball and then would precisely pass the ball. Mililani, was also beating the Amityville girls time after time. She even took a nasty hit to the ground, but in five seconds was up again trying to get the ball back.

Olivia Coley-Bishop, Sayvilleís Goalie, didnít get much action at Thursdayís game. When she did though, she stepped up and was able to stop Amityville from scoring. Instead of just standing in goal not paying attention, Coley-Bishop was moving around, watching the game, and even calling out to her teammates to help them.

Even after the half, Sayville was up 4-0. However, the girls didnít slow down or ease up on Amityville. If anything, Sayville was even more determined to keep their enemy from scoring. In the second half of the game, Sayville would score another three points thanks to Hoon, Christensen, and Katie Mulry. This left the score at 7-0.

The entire game went very fast, a lot of good plays and teamwork by Sayville. On Thursday, both the offense and defense were on top of their game. This team has a strong understanding that you canít win, let alone function as a team, if these two parts donít work as one. The Sayville Girlsí Varsity Soccer Team has mastered this and looks like it will be a threat to other teams this year.


Sarah Elsesser is a fun-loving, Senior at Sayville High School. She enjoys trying new things, writing and being around people. When she is not spending time with her friends or babysitting she is cuddling up with a new book. During the school year you can find her playing Bass Clarinet in the Wind Ensemble or sitting in the bleachers cheering on her high school's football team.

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