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Yoga To Help Autism
sayville.com - 8/8/2012
Danielle Golden Giglio

Hope for Autism 2nd Annual Yoga Day was held during Sayville Summerfest in the peaceful backyard of the law office of Joseph Hanshe.

For a $10 donation there were three different hour long yoga classes to choose from – kids, families and adults. The funds raised from this event are going to Land and Sea Sports Club, which provides recreational and therapeutic land and sea sports programs for children on the autism spectrum.

Kiera Golon, with help from her friends and family, started this event last year after winning a $100 grant at her school, Lincoln Avenue. The grant is in memory of a beloved teacher at the school Erin Halliday Duffy and the winner must do something good with the money.

Spearheading this fundraiser is quite an accomplishment for Golon who will be entering 7th grade in the fall at Sayville Middle School. She came up with the idea of doing yoga to help children with autism because she did yoga and knew that Duffy loved it too.

Golon said, “We are doing yoga to raise money for autism. There are a lot of people that have the disease and there is not enough research.”

Along with water bottles, autism bracelets and pins, Golon and her crew of volunteers were also selling raffles tickets for terrific prizes generously donated by 21 Sayville businesses.

Laura Gallagher of SKY Education Center in Sayville was the yoga instructor and donated her time to teach all three classes. She also practices yoga with autistic children through Land and Sea Sports Club.

Gallagher taught the classes for Yoga Day last year after Golon asked her to help with the event. “I think that Kiera is a special girl. She took $100 and made it into something special – something huge.”

Kiera Golon (r) organized Hope For Autism Yoga Day with the help of friends and family.


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