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EVERYONE IS A STAR!- 3rd Annual Cherry Avenue School Oscar Award Ceremony
sayville.com - 3/15/2010
Ginnie Moore

“I’d like to thank my mother and father for making me possible.” That is my all time, absolute favorite acceptance speech; it cracks me up.

On Wednesday, March 3, 2010, Cherry Avenue School held their 3rd Annual Oscar Ceremony for the third grade classes. Each student voted for a classmate to win an award in one of the following categories: Best Leading Man and Woman (students who set a good example), Best Leading Attitude, Best Set Design (Art), Best Supporting Speller, Best Script (Handwriting), Best Screenplay (Writing), Outstanding Behavior, Best Director (Reading), Math Action Star, and Director’s Assistant (students who are good helpers!).

Every student won an award and their acceptance speeches were priceless … here are two of my favorites, “This is such a cool award and what an amazing surprise!” and “Thanks to my classmates who make me giggle”.

As the Stars (the third graders) walked on stage to accept their Oscar statuettes in their snazzy outfits, complete with tiaras, boas, sunglasses, top hats and fedoras, rhinestones, ‘mink’ stoles, eye-popping gems and a few pink-haired beauties, they wowed the crowd. The paparazzi (parents) had a field day snapping pictures and filming videos of these pint-sized mega stars.

This award ceremony is designed to validate and reinforce all the hard work done by the youngsters. Third grade is a transitional year for most children and the teachers want to make sure their students know it is not always about the grade – it is about the effort, as well.

Special thanks and mention to Mr. Stimmel, Mrs. Woerner, Mrs. Ketcham, Mrs. Martinez, Mrs. Holler, Mrs. Donnelly, Mrs. Falco, Mrs. Batterberry and Mrs. Fulton for all their work and effort, too.

The Oscars at Cherry Avenue is one of my favorite yearly school events, I always look forward to encouraging and celebrating our children. They are so worth it!

Oscar's Morning Opening Number

Table of Stars Awaiting Their Oscars

Oscar's Best Supporting Spellers

Oscar's Directors Assistant Winners - A Good Helper

Oscar's Best Set Designers - Art

Oscar's Best Script - Handwriting

Oscar Winning Greeter!


Oscar Winning Shoes!

Oscar's Best Directors - Reading

Oscar's Best Screenplay - Writing

Oscar's Best Leading Men and Ladies

Oscar's Outstanding Behavior Winners

Oscar's Math Action Stars

Mrs. Fulton's Class:
Best Leading Attitude: Faith Dargis, Colin Rajkowski
Best Set Design: Jonathan Nolan, Eric Willsen
Best Supporting Speller: Bryce Morrison
Best Script Madeline Braun, Eric Gustafson
Best Screenplay Caitlin Fawcett
Leading Man Brady Dolan, Andrew Ohman
Leading Lady Ryleigh Canberg, Simone Carniaux
Outstanding Behavior Emma Malone, Camryn Sparacio
Best Director Jack Goercke, Erika Powers
Math Action Star Timothy McNamara, Thomas Nielsen
Director's Assistant Nicole Leigh-Manuell, Daniel Witt

Mrs. Batterberry’s Class:
Best Leading Attitude: Daniel Connolly and Keira Hanlon
Best Set Design: William Sukow and Lorenzo Pensabene
Best Supporting Speller: Alex Urmaza
Best Script: Madeline Henke
Best Screenplay: Avery Rosado and Sara Holmes
Leading Men: Justin Rosado and Jacob Wolmart
Leading Ladies: Megan Romano and Emily Manning
Outstanding Behavior: Ceili Howland and Julia Kazmarek
Best Director: Andrew Liberato and Rylie Allen
Math Action Star: Jack Davis and Nicholas DeStefano
Director’s Assistant: Kathryn Kolar and Carmella Perrone

Mrs. Donnolly’s Class:
Best Leading Attitude: Jacquelin Weinfeld
Best Set Design: Lillian Schweiert and Maggie Schroeder
Best Supporting Speller: Sean Imhoff and Adele Micelli
Best Script: Madelyn Wagner and Ian Azzara
Best Screenplay: Paige Hall
Leading Men: Kolbi Maddy and Aidan Kaler
Leading Ladies: Bettina Bonfiglio and Maria Buffardi
Outstanding Behavior: Dana Welch
Best Director: Thomas Marks and William Folks
Math Action Star: Liam Berlingieri and Evan Geffner
Director’s Assistant: Autumn Dushnick and Christopher Reitzel

Mrs. Falco’s Class:
Leading Attitude: William Casaburi and Richard Michelini
Best Set Design: Ava Herrera and Christopher Hlavaty
Best Supporting Speller: Donald Schweikert and Alexa Panusuk
Best Script: Timothy Mohrman and Lauren Birong
Best Screenplay: Cory Cutrone and NadiaYojadda
Leading Men: Johnny Gaccionar
Leading Ladies: Hannah Niggemeier and Nita George
Outstanding Behavior: Gabriella Ulloa
Best Director: Allison Neumeyer and Christopher Pitre
Math Action Star: Jake Maha and Jenna Newman
Director’s Assistant: Kevin Lederer


The author, Ginnie Moore, lives in Sayville and loves it almost as much as she loves her luggage. Ginnie can be contacted at: ginniemoore@verizon.net, and she would love to hear from you, really.




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